My First MasterkeyRead Blog Post

So Today I am writing my first blog post about my Master Key Master Mind Experience. While I previously attended  Mark’s Go 90 Grow class last year, I didn’t know anything about the MKMMA class but decided that I needed to take this class when it was next offered which is now. I know we were supposed to do a DMP in Go 90 Grow and I took a small stab at it then, but kind of slacked on getting it really finished. As a result I missed out on reading it to myself in the mirror every morning noon and night . I did read The Greatest Salesman in the World last year as well as Think and Grow Rich, and I really enjoyed both texts . I have never read the Master Keys before so this is all new to me. I am looking forward to learning how to reprogram my subconscious mind and achieve the success that I desire. My next task , having just completed getting this blog set up, is to concentrate on writing a new draft DMP which I will turn in by Thursday. I have several exciting things going on in my life now . I am dieting and losing weight using an  Exogenous Ketone Supplement which is a new business I am involved in when I am not showing Residential Real Estate. I am learning as much as I can by reading lots of books about the Ketogenic diet and how the body an use Ketones for fuel instead of glucose from  carbs and sugar. I have been doing this for the past ten days and today for the first time I felt amazing when I  played my favorite game …Doubles Squash Racquets. I had an absolute abundance of energy and my brain was focused so intensely on what I was doing that I was stunned and amazed. This is how I want to feel everyday and I am very excited to see such an improvement in my life in such a short period of time. I had anticipated that quitting sugar would be much harder than this…ten days in and I am not craving any sweets.

I am selling Real Estate in Northern Baltimore County , Maryland and have five children , four of whom are adults now. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with them as I am a big believer in never stopping learning as long as you live . No one knows what they don’t know..and keeping an open mind is so important  as we travel through life on this Earth.. Stay tuned to my blog to see how I progress through  this process with the MKMMA .